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We offer a website hosting plan that works for businesses of all sizes. Everything you need is included and ready to go. Whether you’re hosting a basic HTML informational website, a WordPress blog, or a popular online store using WooCommerce – our web-host is here to help you scale.

frequently asked questions


What is your uptime guarantee?

We guarantee a 99% uptime.

Are there any contracts?

No! You can pay monthly or annually and if you decide to leave then you can do so whenever you please.

Do you offer support?

Yes! We offer 24/7/365 support for issues relating to our web-hosting service. At this time we do not provide support for code related issues.

Do you offer backups?

Yes! You can setup backups as you please within your cPanel. We also take weekly backups by default.

Is it really unlimited?

Like any web-host, yes. However, if we find the utilization abusive and harmful to other residents on the server then your account might be restricted.

Can I transfer my domain name to you? Away?

At this time we do not allow for incoming domain transfers. We do, however, resell domains through name.com which you can transfer out as you please.

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