we’re munilo

We provide strategy and consulting services that help brands scale. How do we do that? We help ambitious brands optimize their operations and better connect with their customers to increase their revenue and outperform the competition.

why us?

Our team comprises people with strong and proven backgrounds across an array of industries. We’ve worked at unicorn tech companies changing the world, incubator startups grasping for funding, and everywhere in between.

We’ve been founders and coffee runners, advisors and consultants, ops leaders and data nerds. We’ve been on the ground floor, on the front lines, through the 80-hour work weeks and the week-long celebrations. We’ve taken diligent notes through all this, which we’ve now built into a one-of-a-kind encyclopedia of knowledge called munilo. 

what we provide

We have two stacks ready for you. It’s what makes us very unique. When we combine these two stacks with our SaaS (or yours) we then move the needle for your business. It’s our goal to prove 1+1=3.

strategy & consulting

One stack optimizes your strategy and performance through our consulting services. 


Customer Experience

Happy customers create great companies. Deliver a great customer experience and become an industry benchmark.

Cost Transformation

Keep it simple, yet effective. Refocus and simplify your organization with sustainable cost management.

Sales Growth

Build a customer focused brand with our consulting services. Empower your customers, power-up your business.


Operations & Strategy

Bottlenecks are apparent to your customers. Create a seamless internal process to champion success.

creative & marketing

The other stack is focused on your creative and marketing. Think content & SEO, data analytics, social media, and your overall web presence.


Content & SEO

SEO helps businesses create qualified organic traffic that turns into highly qualified customers. Let us help turn your website into an engine for conversion.

Data Analytics

Turn big data in your competitive advantage within your people, tools, and strategy

Social Media

Leverage our marketing suite to help expand your social reach with user engagement and analytics.

Websites & eCommerce

With our Web/eComm service we can have you up and selling in no time by leveraging either WordPress or Shopify.

we said it already – we have SaaS

Not sass, SaaS. Software as a Service. Still not convinced we’re not your father’s consulting service? Well then check out our SaaS.

We’ve launched and operate our own marketing SaaS suite consisting of analytics and web-based tools. From website development and hosting, to content and analytics, to marketing tools and insights; we’ll cover your SaaS.

a bit about our approach

We believe that you don’t have to be a unicorn to be an innovative brand. At munilo, we serve a wide variety of client’s spanning from nearly every industry.

We help brands achieve sustainable, organic growth by placing customers at the center of a customized strategy. This alone drives the whole experience through multiple touch-points of a customer lifecycle.

From loyalty programs, account management, and Net Promoter Scores; we help your brand become the benchmark within your industry. We don’t just help you create a strategy around your customers. We take a hands-on approach to help your team execute every step of the way. 

We take the time to understand your goals, your challenges, and your opportunities then pair them with the tools you need. We’re like the Cupid of technology.

let’s work together

But first, let’s get to know you and your brand a bit more.
Whether you have existing tools or are looking for a solution, we can help.